Ассоциация «Инженерные изыскания в строительстве» - Общероссийское отраслевое объединение работодателей - cамая крупная СРО в инженерных изысканиях, объединяет 1358 организаций и индивидуальных предпринимателей
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Rostechnadzor filled Russian Geotechnical Association (AIIS) in state register of self-regulating organizations on April 28, 2009 under registration number СРО-И-001-28042009.

AIIS provides certificates of admission to activities that affect the safety of capital construction in the field of engineering survey.

AIIS's aims:

1) association of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs,  which activity is related to engineering survey;

2) to improve the quality of engineering survey;

3) to promote engineering industry;

4) to develop a common technical policy of engineering survey performance;

5) to represent legitimate interests of AIIS members in front of state and local authorities;

6) to assist AIIS members in development of their business;


7) the prevention of harm to life or health of individuals, properties of individuals or legal entities, state or municipal property, environment, live or health of animals and plants, cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of peoples of the Russian Federation as the result of lack of works that have impact on the safety of capital construction and performed by AIIS members.

AIIS's objects of activity:

1) development and approval AIIS standards and rules of self regulation in accordance with Urban development Code;

2) ensuring the legal, methodological, scientific development of engineering survey in construction;

3) implementation of the standardization of engineering surveys in construction, maintenance work on the establishment of rules and procedures for conducting engineering surveys in construction for the voluntary multiple use;


4) carrying out activities aimed at professional consolidation, strengthening and and development contacts between AIIS members;

5) maintaining information data bases in engineering industry;

6) organization of work on the accumulation, systematization and utilization of GIS Funds;

7) organization of conferences, meetings, round tables, exhibitions related to engineering survey in construction;

8) development and and introduction to state authorities and local government proposals to improve the legislative and regulatory documents related to the management of engineering survey in Russian Federation, the procedure of obtaining permits to carry out engineering survey  representation of interests of AIIS members in their dealing with public authorities of the Russian Federation, local authorities;

9) to inform customers the advantages of engineering survey performed by AIIS members;

10) consolidation of AIIS members against unfair competition;

11) observation and generalization of the information related to engineering survey market;

12) information service for AIIS members;

13) participation in preparation and edition of publications devoted to engineering survey industry;

14) an independent public examination of legal acts related to AIIS members activities;

15) to create a system of certification of legal entities and individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity, registered as individual entrepreneurs who work in the field of  engineering survey. The system includes  a set of rules for the implementation of certification and operating rules of certification system as a whole;

16) approval of correspondence sign - symbol serving to inform customers about appropriateness of performed engineering survey to  AIIS standards;

17) to provide solutions of other problems that do not contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the paragraphs of this by-law.